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At this level you will learn how to solve problems like a computer scientist. You will define your own classes and functions, and use more complex data structures such as lists and dictionaries.

Module 1: Computational Thinking
Explore the process of computational thinking.

Module 2: Lists in Python
Look at ways of organizing data in a collection; Learn lists, tuples, and strings in Python.

Module 3: Dictionaries in Python
Further explore collection data types; Learn how to define and use dictionaries in Python.

Module 4: Objects and Classes
Learn the concepts of objects and classes and how to effectively use objects in Python.

Module 5: Modules
Build your own code libraries that can be shared with anyone.

Module 6: Scope
Understand namespace and scope; Learn how Python handles it with examples.

Module 7: File IO
Learn how to read from or write to a file on the disk.

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