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About Us

Hello and welcome to CS Wonders!

This is Dr. Wei Tao, creator of CS Wonders and proud mom of three wonderful girls. I'm a firm believer that computer science is a powerful tool for helping children build strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Since my daughters started to explore computer programming, I've noticed that their learning styles are very different. Although there were many resources that could help them learn to code, we found that these resources lacked the ability to target each individual student's needs with real-time feedback. This motivated us to build this personalized, interactive online learning system. Over the past seven years, CS Wonders has helped thousands of kids around the world discover the joy of programming. Now, I would love to invite your students to join.

Our mission is to make computer science education effective and fun. If you have children ages 9-18, we encourage you to let them sign up (and it's free!). Once signing in, your child will immediately get access to a wealth of interactive lessons, practices, and quizzes. If you are a teacher who wants to leverage the system, we welcome you to become a partner by contacting us at

I hope you enjoy using CS Wonders. Together, let’s make this world a little better, one child at a time!

Thank you!


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