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In these entry level CS Wonders classes, basic computer hardware and software components are introduced. You will learn fundamental programming concepts such as data types, variables, control flow, loops, functions, and much more.

Module 1: About Computers
Computers are everywhere! This unit covers the hardware and software components of a computer, and the binary system.

Module 2: Python the Language
Get introduced to algorithms, computer programs, and programming languages. Start to interact with a computer using the print function.

Module 3: Turtle
Meet Turtle! Move the little turtle to create your art work.

Module 4: Variables
Increase the flexibility of your code using variables. Learn how to get input from users.

Module 5: Numbers
Get familiar with numbers such as int and float and use them to conduct calculations.

Module 6: Strings
Study strings and their basic operations in Python.

Module 7: Conditionals
Put your logical thinking capability to work! Learn how to use conditional statements and boolean types.

Module 8: Getting Loopy
Let computers do the hard work for you! Learn loop statements -- "for" loops and "while" loops.

Module 9: Functions
Learn how to define your own functions and use it over and over again.

Module 10: Our Master Pieces
Use the concepts and skills learned to build your own master pieces.

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