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Meet Tali

Tali the Alien.

Tali is an alien from Galaxy Andromeda.

She was sent to earth with a mission -- to find and learn about a magic box that was left by an ancestor of hers four thousand years ago, but she needs your help! Although she doesn't know exactly what the box looks like, she has some clues about where to find it. She also knows that the box can understand a special language and perform something magical.

In this class, we will help Tali find the magic box. Are you ready?

Tali looks around and sees structures of different sizes everywhere, which she remembers are called buildings. Humans are walking in and out of each one. Where could the magic box be? Where should she look first? She sees a group of buildings and reads the sign. It says, "Beaverton Prep Boarding School". She decides to look around there, and see if she could find information about the magic box.

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