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Personalized Computer Science Learning for Children Ages 9-18
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Discover What Is Possible with CS Wonders

"Everybody should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. I view computer science as a liberal art." -- Steve Jobs

In our world today, computer science (CS) matters more than ever. Welcome to CS Wonders! This is a personalized, interactive and data-driven system for children ages 9-18 to learn computer science.

If You Are a Parent

We encourage you to sign your child up for an account – and it's free! Once signing in, your child will immediately get access to a wealth of interactive lessons, practices, and quizzes to build programming skills and discover the joy of problem solving. Signup is necessary to enable a personalized learning experience since the system is based on advanced data-driven technologies to target each individual student's needs.

What's special about CS Wonders?

  • We advocate an approach combining interactive online study and instructor-guided classes .
  • The online self-paced learning system, developed by top industry experts, is personalized and interactive, providing real-time feedback to make sure your child masters each topic.
  • In offline classes, instructors provide guidance and encouragement to facilitate team work using the online tools.
  • Your student will learn Python, the emerging star in the world of programming languages.
  • Your student will learn proven computer science concepts.
  • Your student will be able to build real solutions from scratch and get better at problem solving.

If You Are a Teacher

If you want to leverage CS Wonders, we welcome you to become a partner by contacting us at

Many teachers have found these capabilities useful:

  • CS Wonders curriculum enables a systematic progression for personalized learning paths.
  • You will be able to reuse a large collection of high quality courses specifically designed for children.
  • Unlike standard text books, CS Wonders courseware is interactive and data-driven.
  • You can add custom courses, projects, lessons, exercises, and quizzes. Yes, they are interactive out of the box!
  • You can set up your own classes to organize your students.
  • You will gain insights with real-time dashboards including student progress, courseware effectiveness, and activity monitoring.

Together, let’s make this world a little better, one child at a time!

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